I told people that I would put the various benches online as they were completed in hopes that they might get some ideas from what I like to use and how it is set up.

As I use my inaly/bead prepping bench the most so it was the first one I built. Below are a few images I hope you find useful

This will be the cleanest the bench will ever be. Notice that the horizontal and ventricle laps are both homemade, just used 1/4HP motors and arbors that I purchased very reasonably. I would put the two laps up against any on the commerical market for strength reliability and quite operation.

The bench top is made from 3/4 inch sanded plywood that has three coats of polyurethane. It is 66 inches wide, I had a similar bench in the last studio and it works perfectly for what I do at this bench, I did a few improvements over the last and am most pleased with the results.

Got tired of building so I spent a weekend cobbing Opal ........... What fun

Notice the garden sprayer water system, very efficient and uses an unbelievably small am mount of water, keeps the stone cool and the over spray to a minimum.

Flat lap assembly pieces below

4 2X4's and 3/4 inch plywood for base.

Holes drilled for 2X4 screws and center hole for arbor.

Pieces screwed together, motor mounted with arbor and flat lap in place.

Standard five gallon bucket marked to height.

Cut to height with lower cut hand access for front.

After cutting center hole for arbor I put a mason jar cap ring in place with silicon.

Standard brass fitting with 1/4 inch copper tube soldered in for the drain.

My bead grinding machine. Totally redesigned from my last similar machine. I use this machine for all of my bead cutting and shaping, I rarely use anything but the one wheel on the machine.

Notice the spring shock absorber, this makes the machine run almost silent.

My main grinding machine, use this for everything even use it sometimes for shaping large hard beads. Bought this machine in 1978 and it is still running strong.

My two workhorse saw machines one six inch the other 10 inch.

My Smithing Bench most involved so far

I thought I would add an extra touch to the smithing bench and seeing as though it had been quite some time since I'd made beads I thought I'd make the drawer pulls from some Chinese bead cane a friend gave me.

The cane as received

The cane as received

I started to cut only three pulls but found they would not look nice as they were a little small. You will notice that the holes were far from round. As I make my beads around the hole I needed to re-drill the holes as little as possible.

Tool used for re-drilling the holes

Ready to do the shaping

Once drilled I needed something to use as a mandrel for shaping, this twist drill worked great.

Here are four of the beads rough ground, notice I did my best to keep the cane as large as possible, you can see one spot that is still glassy and not ground.

There were four more steps which I did not photograph. As you can see I had an OOPS when one of the beads got away from me while polishing.

Haul pack truck to the rescue with more cane, as Id just cut seven beads it did not take too long to re-cut a new pull.

Pulls mounted on the drawers.

Pulls mounted on the drawers.

As you can see in the background of the above images there is still quite a bit of equipment to get set up as it is done I will add to this page.
Thanks for checking it out!!