I have many friends that have asked that I send images of the new studio as it is built. I thought it would be easier to just build this web page and put new images up every few days

Since moving south nine years ago I've complained that I wasn't being creative because I had no studio, then it dawned on me that I was being creative in other ways. The studio I am building was designed and drawn by me in DESIGN CAD 3D which is one of the new creative avenues I have explored in these past nine years.

Building materials arrive

Checking Building materials

No Forklift No Problem

Unloaded in less than a minute

All Done

Suzi and Chris check it out

I've told people for years that I make my beads around the hole, well here is the hole the studio is designed around, its made from schedule 40 12 inch pipe the tabs are 1/4 inch plate steel, it had been years since I did any welding, I needed the spacing on the tabs as close as possible and feared having someone else do the welding project so I had no choice than do it myself, came out pretty darn nice when all was said and done.

Looking down on roof, as you can see it's a ten sided building, I had a smaller version of this up north and it worked so well for a wide open studio I just had to have the same thing again. The open floor space is 730 square feet wall to wall outside measurement 30 feet.

Had I received good lumber from the lumber company we would have had all the walls up today 5-17 ......... Oh well!!

Got some new studs things went smoother,OSB tomorrow 5-18

Everything tightened up with framing be done with the OSB tomorrow 5-19

Kind of looks like a large bale of hay, window cutouts tomorrow morning and then on to the roof 5-20

No more haybale ready for windows, started to drill main beams got hot and quit early 5-21

Side view showing door 5-21

Laying out bolt pattern for main beams assemble on ground soon 5-22

Decided not to use boom truck on roof assembled on ground bad idea, got going on main beams will be self supporting soon. 5-25 Checked this morning hub is 1/4 inch within center of floor. 5-26

Slow day yesterday 5-26, great day today all main beams in place and free floating, hub only dropped 1/4 inch when support removed. Got first rain of the season very very early, right after I took this image!! 5-27

They say necessity is the father of invention and I think they are right. When I drew the roof it never dawned on me that the secondary beams needed a compound angle cut, 18 degrees to match main beam angle from each corner and 15 degrees for the drop angle. We tried Friday to cut the angle with a SAWSALL definitely no good as the cut face is almost five inches long. I told Mike and Chris to take off and I'd figure something out over the weekend.

After much head scratching and working things over in the brain overtime it finally came to me MY ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW, I designed a wooden stand to use as the miter for the 18 degree angle, then by clamping a guide board at 15 degrees on the beam to be cut all I needed to do is take the first trial cut ............ Worked like a dream!! 5-30

Because of the very poor quality of lumber I was delivered to get to this point was quite a chore. Mike and Chris had to work with warped cracked and twisted wood so needless to say this part of the job had many added unnecessary hours.

You are probably asking yourself why not just return the lumber, easier said than done, just for starters it's a 260 mile trip to the lumber company and back.6-4

Got the fascia in place today and its starting to look just like the drawing on my computer. 6-09

For the friends that have asked for some closeups of the structure 6-09

Been asked how big is it? That's full size scaffolding, the square feet 730 I'd say twice the size of a standard two car garage. 6-09

Ready for the felt and then the metal roofing. After only one month since the delivery of the lumber I must say its going up pretty fast, especially with only two people working on it full time. There is a distinct echo in it now! 6-15

Had a very slow week so not much done. The windows, felt and stucco wire are ready to go but found we received the wrong door size so nothing will be done until Monday 6-28. The roof metal is supposed to arrive on Monday or Tuesday, once its here we will finish the roof prior to getting on the stucco. 6-24

The felt is ready to go, kind of looks like a pink spotted mushroom. The metal for the roof arrived about an hour ago so tomorrow the final stage on the roof will start. It will be nice to see things coming to complection. 6-30

Looks like a blue mushroom now.

Never thought it would take this long to get the roof done, if I had workers that wanted to work more than 5.75 hours a day for the last eight working days we would be much further along.

Upon inspection of the door frame and windows sizing I found there were major problems, the north window was set thirteen inches off center (never noticed until 7-3), so I have new people coming in to fix all of the mistakes, hopefully this won't take to long and we can get the stucco done ASAP ........... Then we can finish the inside.

Already have 85% of the electrical done, the person doing this will be gone a week, so more than likely we will get the preliminary inspection done in about 14 days then we can finally have electric in the building.

Project started two months ago tomorrow. 7-13

Nothing but the highest praises for the electrician, I told him more than once that he was more picky than me (that's saying something), every time I told him this he would beam, take a look at how he finished out the breaker box and you will see what I mean. Got the rough out inspection on the electrical today, once the ground wire is finished I can have the elcetric company come out and get it hooked up. Hooray!

Decided that it was still to hot for the stucco work so we started to finish out the inside and wait for it to cool down. The images below are of how the ceiling will finish out, tongue and groove knotty pine with 2 1/2 inches of the beam exposed. Once finished it will be coated with a few coats of lacquer, painting buddy told us this would be the least likely to yellow over time, can't wait to see it in its final stage, got most of the main sections done, then on to the more complicated parts, should be done within the next week. 8-19-10

I was a little over confident when on 8-19-10 I made the statement that we should be done with the ceiling the next week. I ordered 1300 linear feet of the tongue and groove from the saw mill expecting some to be left over, HA HA !! As we went through the pile random boards would turn up with mold and a blue stain that penetrated the wood nearly all of the way through, a few pieces were cracked in the middle the whole length of the board (I'm talking 14 and 16 foot boards).

When it all shook out there was nearly twenty percent that was not up to par, I talked to the saw mill and they said they would replace the boards on exchange, only trouble there the saw mill is a six hour round trip. Got lucky and the mill was making a delivery about eighty miles from here, Dave and Damon meet the driver on Friday morning and got back here around 11:30, now that we finally have wood that will work looks like the ceiling will be buttoned up in the next few days.

Once this is done then its sheet rock and then do all of the finish edge work where the ceiling meets the sheet rock. Then final sanding a sanding coat and a few coats of lacquer, needless to say the ceiling has been a labor sponge, but when its done it will be KILLER.

Talking with a friend the other afternoon we were standing looking at the studio ....... I told him that's the largest piece of jewelry I ever designed and built ......... Got a chuckle. 9-4-10

Nearly done getting pretty excited. Talked to the stucco people last Saturday and they are supposed to show up for the first coat this comming Saturday 9-25, as this is New Mexico the guy did not say which Saturday so I will be amazed if I'm putting up an image of the first coat on Sunday, time will tell. 9-21-10

Hooray! Hooray! Finally cooled down enough for stucco, the crew showed up this morning at about 7:45 they were driving down the driveway about 10:15. It is pretty amazing what a professional crew can get accomplished in two and a half hours. Have to wait a week and then the color coat goes on, so by this time next week the stucco will be finalized. After that all that is left on the outside is painting the soffits. 9-24-10

Hip! Hip! Hooray! The crew showed up this morning at about 7:45 they were driving down the driveway about 8:45. It is pretty amazing what a professional crew can get accomplished in one hour, it was like a choreographed dance, I told Suzi if I had known it was going to be that fast I should have videoed it and put it on you tube. (Just kidding)

Look at how well all of the edges around the wall and door and wall and window are finished, very nice. 10-8-10

I think I went off of the deep end when I decided to finish the ceiling with tongue and groove, by far the most difficult and expensive part of the construction. I paid 53 cents linear foot for the 8 inch tongue and groove (great price), Dave priced inch molding to finish all the edges, he was quoted 52 cents a linear foot, told him he should go back and show them the huge difference between 8 inch tongue and groove and inch molding, but knew it would do no good. Had I purchased factory made molding the cost would have been 520.00, decided we'd make our own, probably saved very little money after the labor ........... It's the principal!!

The ceiling is now 90-95 %, doing the molding right now and should have it prepped to laquer toward the end of this next week. Still have to do the window frames and sills in wood once this is done and ready to laquer Dave gets to fire up his new Graco airless sprayer. 10-8-10

Well here it is 10-26, as stated above I thought it would be almost two weeks ago that we'd be at this point. The ceiling is finally completely done as of this afternoon molding was very involved. I've been teasing with friends that I have 5,000.00 into the ceiling .......... Might not be to far off ........ Its worth it and it turned out killer. Glad Dave worked with me for more than six years in the old studio ........ He knows how picky I am, so he made sure there was nothing to pick at. It has been nice to sit in the office and not worry about how well the finish work is being done.
We now have to get the window sill and framing around the windows covered in wood and I think the painting can finally be started up. ............ Getting close!!


The outside is completely done other than a light over the door, check out those soffits smooth as a babies butt!!

The entire inside is finished other than getting the wall plugs and light switches installed. The window frames have four coats of laquer, the ceiling has two needless to say once the laquer went on the beauty of the wood screams out at you.

Just for Cecil I had to paint it a very light blue inside, blue is very comforting so this should make for a great work environment.

Took all of the covering off of the floor, floor hasn't seen daylight for quite a few months, good to see it was still there. Have to do some finish work on the concrete and then put a high tech sealer on it.
As I need excellent lighting I have track lighting on each wall and am using Solex bulbs as they give as close to true sunlight as you can get. Most likely will add one more fixture in each track but will wait and see how this setup works.

Got the floor sealed last weekend, this is probably the cleanest the floor will ever be so I figured I'd better record it so I can prove in the future that it was once very clean.

I have finally come to the day I've been waiting for, for over ten years. Been saying all along that when the wood stove is in place I can start moving my machines and such in, as of today 12-9-10 I have offically started to get things into the studio so I can figure out where everything is going and what type benches it will need. Pretty exciting its been almost seven months since we started building. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Now you all can see why the hole in the center of the roof!

I have said all along that once the stove pipe is in place through the roof its done ............ Its done!!

If you would like to see the benches as they are built go to this link